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What Awaits You in Podgorica?

Podgorica presents a wide array of options for your body, mind, soul, and business pursuits. Discover why numerous tourists are pleasantly surprised by the diverse offerings, unparalleled hospitality, and the warm atmosphere of our charming city. 

It is no secret that Montenegrins, especially the citizens of Podgorica, love to make the most of their free time. We are known to “carpe diem” at every opportunity. Our bars, cafés, bistros, and restaurants are often bustling, and on sunny days, everyone enjoys catching some vitamin D on the terraces of pedestrian streets. 

Here are some of the places we recommend: 

Pod Volat (300m) – The most popular traditional restaurant in Podgorica, located in the Old Town. Their menu offers plenty of dishes from national cuisine, as well as halal options. 

Itaka Library Bar (500m) – A unique place (previously a Turkish hammam) nestled under the bridge and next to the Ribnica River. Itaka is a sought-after spot during Friday nights and even more so on weekend mornings. Loved by families, pet owners, and people of all ages. 

Hard Rock Cafe (600m) – A world-famous brand at Independence Square in the center of the city. Aside from various dishes and desserts, HRC is famous for great parties, live music, and an HRC Shop. 

Bokeška Street and Njegoševa Street (650m) – Two of the oldest streets in the very center of Podgorica, packed with cafes, restaurants, and lounge bars. These streets depict the characteristic Podgorica scene of friend gatherings, long talks, laughter, family time, and simply enjoying life. 

CKZ Ribnica (850m) – Another popular place among the youth on the Ribnica River, offering a vibrant nightlife. Sometimes even two parties happen at the same time, making it truly a fun experience. Ribnica is also known for business events, cultural events, and is home to a beloved student radio. 

Desetka (2km) – Across the bridge over the Morača River, surrounded by greenery, lies Restaurant Bar Desetka. A great place for an afternoon coffee or evening relaxation. Their menu is filled with great recipes, including a children’s menu, as well as a superb wine menu. 

Aside from offering different conference venues, Kings Park Hotel is ideally situated for official, diplomatic, and business visits, being just half a kilometer away from most key government institutions. This includes Ministries, the Government, Municipality Offices, the Tourist Organisation of Podgorica, various Bureaus, Administration offices, and Courts. 

Moreover, accessing our hotel is straightforward, thanks to its proximity to major transport hubs: 


Podgorica Airport – 10 km 

Tivat Airport – 83 km 

Main Train Station – 1 km 

Main Bus Station – 1 km 

Local Bus Stop – Directly in front of the hotel 

Our hotel offers a well-equipped gym, free for its guests. For those interested in sports events, exercise, and recreation, Podgorica features multiple sports arenas and natural surroundings. 

Sport Center Morača (1km) – A multisport arena hosting handball, volleyball, basketball, and water polo matches. It also has both indoor and outdoor public pools, accessible year-long with very affordable entry fees.  

City Stadium (1km) – The heart of Podgorica football, it hosts local and national teams and significant international matches, all meeting UEFA standards. It has a capacity of 11,315 spectators. 

Shooting center Ljubović (900m) – Offers a comprehensive program for sports shooting, recreational shooting, handling personal weapons, and organizing shooting competitions. 

Outdoor Basketball Court (900m) – Located in the city center, in Njegošev Park, on the very bank of the Morača River, this basketball court with a capacity of 438 seats is an ideal spot for outdoor recreation and sports.  

Kayak on Morača River – The Morača River, a symbol of Podgorica, is favored by kayak enthusiasts. Explore the city from a unique angle and experience this fierce mountain river. 

Bike-friendly – With extensive bike lanes and due to its manageable size and traffic infrastructure, Podgorica is ideal for exploring by bicycle, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and sights. 

The Hills – Gorica is the capital’s largest hill, featuring several easy hiking trails, an adventure park for both kids and adults, and standing 130m high in the city center, just 1.2 km from the Hotel. Ljubović, another forest park and popular picnic area, is 101 meters high and 900m from the Hotel. Both hills are favored by joggers and have a no entry of motor vehicles. 

Gorica Hill 

Nestled in the center of Podgorica, the park forest Gorica spans 105 hectares and was officially declared a protected area in 2022. This hill, which inspired the city’s name—Podgorica meaning “the city under the hill of Gorica”—is a verdant oasis amidst urban life. 

Gorica is home to over 400 species of vascular plants, including 40 Balkan endemics and 8 of international significance, highlighting its botanical richness. The hill also boasts 160 recorded species of fungi, emphasizing its ecological importance. The variety of fauna is equally impressive, with 218 bird species, 72 of which are protected under national legislation, making Gorica a haven for biodiversity. 

Often referred to as the city’s “lung,” Gorica plays a crucial role in purifying Podgorica’s air. It is a beloved retreat for the city’s residents and visitors alike, particularly on sunny days. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely walk, hike, ride a bike, experience an adventure park, or visit a beautiful monument — Gorica offers a multitude of outdoor activities.  

Additionally, the hill features several spectacular viewpoints, offering panoramic views of the city below. 


The Rivers 

The core of Podgorica is graced by two rivers—the Morača and the Ribnica. The Ribnica River flows directly below Kings Park Hotel, serving as a tributary to the Morača. Spanning 10km, it meanders almost entirely through Podgorica’s heart. Along the Ribnica, a charming promenade beckons, complete with a beach, a café, and a bookstore, all just a half-kilometer stroll from the hotel. 

Originating from the northern mountains, the Morača River stretches over 113km, cutting through the capital to meet the breathtaking Skadar Lake. Its banks are adorned with multiple city beaches and a scenic promenade under Njegošev Park. Podgorica is famous for many bridges above Morača, some of them a modern symbol like Millennium Bridge and some of them are a testament of rich history of the region like Vezirov Bridge. 

At the confluence of the Morača and Ribnica Rivers lies Skaline (or Sastavci), a enchanting spot where the ancient bridge and old town invite locals and visitors alike to unwind. Here, amidst the soothing sounds of flowing water and the warmth of the sun, lies a favored retreat within the city. 


The Parks 

Another asset of Montenegro’s capital are parks. From hills, parks, streets and boulevards, much of the town’s territory is covered in lush vegetation.  

Highlighted city parks that provide serene green city retreats: 

Kings Park (100m) – Just a 2-minute walk away via a pedestrian path, this park, sharing its name with our hotel, is a favorite among our guests. Featuring a children’s playground, chess tables, comfortable benches, excellent lighting, Ribnica river nearby and of course vibrant greenery, it’s a perfect spot for relaxation and play. 

Njegošev Park (900m) – Named after a prominent historical figure of the country, this park is located at the heart of Podgorica, just above the Morača River. It’s connected to the river’s beaches and bridges by a beautiful promenade. The park is equipped with a fountain, benches, swings, ample shade, a basketball court, and a quaint gazebo-like structure known as the summer stage for hosting cultural events.  

Children’s Park (1.5km) – Dedicated to the younger ones, this park boasts numerous playgrounds where children can freely enjoy all sorts of play equipment and make new friends. Located next to the Petrović Castle, which also features a big park, offering a serene, car-free oasis in Podgorica. 

Podgorica is a hub for art and cultural institutions, all open year-round and conveniently located within a short walk from the hotel. These include the Museum of the City of Podgorica, Modern Gallery, Gallery Risto Stijović, Kuslev’s House, Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Natural History Museum, National Theatre, Cultural and Information Center Budo Tomović, National Library, Music Center/Montenegrin Film Library, and more. 

Highlighted cultural events that enrich the city’s calendar include: 

Džada Fest – An open-air cinema event that brings a mix of modern and classic movies to the streets and parks of the city for several days. 

FIAT – Held every September, this festival showcases performances by local, regional, and international artists across various domains, including experimental theatre, literature, visual arts, music, film, and creative industries, at multiple venues. 

Podgorica Cultural Summer – Throughout the summer, the city vibrates with indoor and outdoor cultural events. Concerts, exhibitions, literary gatherings, movie screenings, children’s events, and theatre plays are meticulously planned each year, offering a rich cultural experience for everyone spending their summer in Podgorica. 

Made in New York, Montenegro – This jazz festival, organized by Rabbit Records in collaboration with the Made in New York Competition and Festival INC, showcases some of the most significant contemporary jazz artists from around the globe. These musicians fill the venues with transcendent melodies, offering audiences a taste of otherworldly jazz experiences. 

Podgorica’s history stretches back to prehistoric times and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it was rebuilt with vigor and resilience after being devastated during the Second World War, standing today as a testament to its enduring spirit. 

Highlighted historical monuments that tell stories of Podgorica’s past: 

Old Town and Sahat Kula – The Old Town, with its ancient Sahat Kula (Clock Tower), and narrow cobble streets, and two mosques, serves as a testament to Podgorica’s rich historiy, offering a glimpse into the city’s Ottoman past. 

The Church of Saint George – This Ortodox church, one of the oldest architectural treasures in Podgorica, dates to 9th century. It stands as a symbol of Podgorica, with a beautiful garden, located just at the entry of the Gorica Hill.  

Gymnasium Slobodan Škerović – This prestigious educational institution is not only a center for learning but also a significant architectural landmark. The building is 117 years old, and it was previously a hospital. Together with the Old Town and the Church of Saint George, the Gymnasium is one of the rear buildings that survived the II World War. 

Skaline or Sastavci – At the confluence of the Ribnica and Morača rivers, Skaline is a scenic spot that showcases the natural beauty and historical layers of Podgorica. With ancient Nemanja city just above it, now enriched with a summer stage. 

Ancient town of Duklja – At the confluence of the Zeta and Morača rivers, against time and space stand the ruins of Duklja – an ancient Illyrian and Roman settlement. It provides a fascinating insight into the early civilizations that flourished in the region now known as Podgorica.


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