Centre of Contemporary Art at Petrovic Palace

Distance – 280m.

Discover modern artistic expressions just a walk away at the Centre of Contemporary Art, within Petrovic Palace. This cultural centre, close to Kings Park Hotel, offers a unique combination of contemporary creativity and historic elegance.

Osmanagic Mosque

Distance – 410m.

Osmanagić Mosque, with its striking minaret, stands just a quick walk our accommodations. Guests can easily visit this architectural gem and experience its spirituality.

Starodoganjska Mosque

Distance – 200m.

Starodoganjska Mosque, a serene place of worship and historical architecture, is conveniently located a short walk from Kings Park Hotel. Explore this local landmark and its peaceful surroundings during your stay.

King Nikola Monument

Distance – 230m.

King Nikola Monument, a symbol of national pride, is mere steps from the Hotel. Discover a piece of Montenegro’s history within an easy and pleasant walk from your accommodation.

Independence Square

Distance – 480m.

Independence Square, the vibrant heart of Podgorica, is just a short walk from Kings Park Hotel. Experience the city’s central hub of culture and history with a leisurely stroll.


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